Photographer: Jen Dainer,  Industrial Arc Photography

Photographer: Jen Dainer, Industrial Arc Photography

Charlotte Nash is the bestselling author of six contemporary novels, including four set in country Australia, Saving You and The Paris Wedding, which has been sold in eight countries and translated into multiple languages. Her signature style features a lush sense of place, rich plot, emotive heart, and a body and soul odyssey for her characters.

She is an intrepid traveller with a lifelong love of new experiences, and has adventured around Australia and the world for both work and pleasure, including in her pre-writing life. Those years involved medical student training in Brisbane and in rural areas, and working as a research engineer building rockets, and as accident investigator. She has a deep database of professional factoids now mostly deployed in fiction, and occasionally in grossing out dining companions.

When not writing, she is a connoisseur of beautiful baked goods, gourmet tea, and an eclectic mix of favourite movies (with special affection for multi-stranded romantic comedies, vintage Schwarzenegger, teen movies, and science fiction). She is a recent convert to CrossFit, where she now experiences less injuries than in her previous running habit.

She reads across the genre smorgasboard, including romance, new adult, women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and really anything that looks interesting. Her favourite writers are Jilly Cooper, JR Ward, Nahlini Singh, Colleen Hoover, Liane Moriaty, JoJo Moyes, Neal Stephenson, Naomi Novik, Michael Crichton, Ted Chiang, and Kim Stanley Robinson.