Book 15 - The little boy who lost his name #100daysofbooks

Day 15. The boy who lost his name is a personalised book made specific to the child's name. The titular boy of the story goes on an adventure meeting creatures whose first letter makes up his name, so the name is found in the end. I like the idea behind this book, and it's a lovely gift idea. It rhymes with a pretty easy to read rhythm. I did wonder what on earth happens if the kid's name is something long like Cassandra or Sebastian ... I thought the story was pretty lengthy with Master A's four-letter name! But maybe that will make it a bed-deferring favourite ;)

If you like the idea for a child in your life, there's a link below to the website. The people who produce this book are hiring, too :)

Master A's verdict: Quite engaged by the text and the pictures, despite it being maybe just a bit long for his attention span at this age.


  • Title: The little boy who lost his name
  • Author/Illustrator: David Cadji-Newby / Pedro Serapicos
  • Source: Gift from grandparents
  • Publisher: Self-pubbed - see link above

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