Book 17 - Puff the Magic Dragon #100daysofbooks (verdict: I'm so depressed :()

Day 17. OMG!!! So, Puff the Magic Dragon is a timeless children's song, but lord, the ending. I'm so depressed! I only remembered the first verse and the chorus from childhood, so obviously I never learned the last few verses (or maybe it was only in the book??). In any case, wow. Could have done without that, especially as the tune is going to do laps in my head as I try to sleep tonight. The illustrations are nice, I guess, but I'm kinda miffed. Those last two pictures that try to say there's a happy ending beyond the words? Not buying it! *sad face*

Celebrating 50 magical (and sad, boo hoo) years.

Master A's verdict: Seemed to appreciate me trying to sing it, thought the "and girls" they've added to one of the lines that used to end in just "boys" completely mucks the rhythm. Fortunately he's too young to be traumatised by Puff's fate. Probably a good thing.


  • Title: Puff the Magic Dragon
  • Author/Illustrator: Peter Yarrow, Lenny Lipton / Eric Puybaret
  • Source: Borrowed from our local library
  • Publisher: Sterling

What's on tomorrow? Raiding home library again.