Book 19 - What Noise Does a Rabbit Make? #100daysofbooks (verdict: lovely pics)

Day 19, and What Noise Does a Rabbit Make? I admit I picked this one up because my brain went, 'but what does the fox say? hee hee'. Oh dear - pop culture is so pervasive. Anyhoo, I love the illustrations in this book. The raggedy outlines of the bunnies are really engaging, especially on the oversized pages, and the colour schemes really capture the dawn/day change. Each double page was wonderful to look at. The text and story itself ... not so enamoured. It seems mostly about making barnyard animal noises. I did however like the subtle message that it's not a bad thing that you don't have something everyone else has.

Some part of my Australian mind was looking at all those rabbits and thinking, geez, that's a rabbit plague. But I digress. This will be one to try again when Master A is older and engaged by animal sounds.

Master A's verdict: Did pay attention to the pages, but didn't seem to care for my reading of the story (which does't rhyme). This is definitely an early prose book, and you can't read it in the rhythm of a poem.


What's on tomorrow? Where the Wild Things Are.