Book 27 - Where's Stripey? #100daysofbooks (verdict: hmmmm)

Day 27. Where's Stripey? caught my eye in the local bookshop with its bold artwork and shiny gold award stickers on the front (WA Premier's Book Award for an independently published children's book). The illustrations are beautiful, and the production is top quality. I misjudged it a bit, though - this is prose and quite long - way too long for Master A. And there's something about the content that didn't quite sit well with me. Might have been the thick Australiana (the dad emu is called Crikey and the mum emu is called Sheila) and we go through all the native animals looking for the titular Stripey. Of course, what's too laid on for me might be mightily popular with the little tikes, so no judgement, we'll just have to try it again when he's quite a bit older.

Master A's verdict: Liked the cover, but couldn't sustain interest through the rest of the story.


  • Title: Where's Stripey?
  • Author/Illustrator: Wendy Binks
  • Source: Purchased at our local bookstore and in home library
  • Publisher: Stunned Emu Press

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