Book 29 - Oh Say Can You Say #100daysofbooks (verdict: I know I should like it ...)

Day 29. I didn't manage to get an inside shot today - it was madness with first day back teaching uni and with my manuscript of The Horseman due in tomorrow. But I'm not that sad. Why? I'm going to say what you're not meant to say (oh say can I say?) ... I don't like Dr Suess. I never have, even as a kid. It gave me a feeling then that, now as an adult, I would identify as feeling patronised. Weird, but true. This book, Oh Say Can You Say is perhaps the worst one I could have chosen, because it's full of tongue twisters but doesn't really have a narrative. The rhythms and combinations are clever, but there's just waaay too much of it and it seems a different small tale on every page. I admit I skipped about half of it. If someone wants to recommend which Dr Suess they think is his best, I'll try that, but I'm not sure I'll ever be a convert.

Master A's verdict: Didn't seem particularly taken with the pictures. Paid attention to the words for about three pages. Really, it's way too long for him at this age.


  • Title: Oh Say Can You Say?
  • Author/Illustrator: Dr Seuss
  • Source: Borrowed from the local library
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

What's on tomorrow? Library pick.