Book 31 - Daddy's Cheeky Monkey #100daysofbooks (verdict: nice idea, a bit boring)

Day 31. I was quite surprised to learn that Andrew Daddo writes kids' books (yes, it is that Daddo). My first thought whenever I see the Daddo name is the Late Show's pisstake of brother Cameron's attempt at a music, way back in the 90s. But to be fair, I should not be slurring Andrew because of his brother. Anyway, to the book - Daddy's [Daddo's?] Cheeky Monkey is a book 'celebrating the sweet/funny nicknames' fathers give their kids.

Master A's Dad read it while I was wrestling with a roux in the kitchen. At the end, I heard, "Well, that was boring, wasn't it?" This is, of course, after the frantic, clever rhyme from Marmaduke Duck has been muttered all week in this house. So the book's chief fault is simply that it doesn't rhyme or have rhythm (though Dad also said the nicknames didn't seem that fitting - I admit I've only heard him use one that's in the book). I took a look after and the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous - very sweet. But the reading experience is perhaps not enough up to the same level!

Master A's verdict: Looked at the pages and tried to grab the book, presumably to eat it.


  • Title: Daddy's Cheeky Monkey
  • Author/Illustrator: Andrew Daddo / Emma Quay
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

What's on tomorrow? Peter Rabbit!