Book 37 - Check on Me #100daysofbooks (verdict: I'm done with Daddos)

Day 37 and the second offering from the Daddo picture book stable. Check on Me is sort of about a kid's bedtime routine. I say sort-of, because it's an odd one - there doesn't seem to be a clear narrative structure to it, or at least, it lacks some kind of cohesive idea that I usually find in other kids' books. And there's some weird lines ("There has to be a story - first from a book and another from your mouth / A happily-ever-after story with a kid like me - but it's not me - and a dog like her, and a cat like him") A story from your mouth, huh? Weird and kinda icky. The prose feels like it should have some kind of rhythm, but it just doesn't. The pictures are fun, though, and quite sweet. But the whole thing was a bit meh for me. The back promises Check on Me will immediately become one of your family's bedtime favourites! Yeah, no.

Master A's verdict: Enjoyed the pictures, but not as much as yesterday.


  • Title: Check on Me
  • Author/Illustrator: Andrew Daddo / Jonathan Bentley
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: HarperCollins

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.