Book 42 - The Little Yellow Digger #100daysofbooks (verdict: very, very cool)

Day 42 and we went a little crazy at the bookstore. One of the haul was the delightful The Little Yellow Digger which is yet another winner from across the ditch (NZ authorship). This is a tale of escalating misfortune (then resolution) in the digging of a ditch, told in a clever and amusing rhyme. The titular Little Yellow Digger is victorious in the end, of course, and the combination of the story style, rhyme and onomatopoeia is just wonderful. The pictures contain additional information (we laughed at the guy kicking the digger in the treads) and the rhythm is pleasing - easy to read and entertaining even for the adults. We bought this as a five-book set (with future volumes promising the LYD will save whales, visit a school and discover dinosaur bones). This is fantastic and very happy to have it in the home library.

Master A's verdict: Really enjoyed the reading of this one.


  • Title: The Little Yellow Digger
  • Author/Illustrator: Betty Gilderdale / Alan Gilderdale
  • Source: Purchased at local bookstore and in home library
  • Publisher: Scholastic

What's on tomorrow? Hairy McLairy!