Book 45 - Hedgehog's Magic Tricks #100daysofbooks (verdict: sweet but meh)

Day 45 and a lesser-known book, Hedgehog's Magic Tricks. Whenever I see "hedgehog" these days, my mind converts it to "hedgepig", which is an alternative name that I find cuter. Anyway, that's an aside. This is a story about a hedgepig(hog) who's an amateur magician and whose tricks don't work. Discouraged, in the end his friends make him think one of the tricks has worked. It's a nice message about friendship, I guess, until I realised his friends had basically duped him into thinking a trick had worked. Hmmm. But that aside, it's a sweet story, and the text is very simple and large, so probably suitable for early readers. It's an alright story, just nothing stays with me to demand a second reading. Perhaps a child with an interest in magic tricks would like it.

Master A's verdict: Probably a bit old for him as you need to appreciate the detail in the pictures. Was very wriggly.


  • Title: Hedgehog's Magic Tricks
  • Author/Illustrator: Ruth Paul
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Walker Books

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