Book 47 - Where's Spot? #100daysofbooks (verdict: a classic for the kids)

Day 47 and we read what (I think) is the original Spot book - Where's Spot?. A very simple concept takes us with Spot's Mum, Sally, on a hunt for Spot, with flaps to lift on different objects until the absent pup is located for dinner at the end. I have dim recollections of lifting the flaps as a kid and being mildly disappointed there wasn't more to it, but also that it was compulsive to do so. As an adult, the story is quite frankly pretty boring (compared to something with a similar idea like Where Is The Green Sheep) and my stubby fingers find the flaps surprisingly hard. Master A, however, I'm sure will enjoy destroying the flaps with sticky digits as soon as his hand-eye coordination will allow.

Master A's verdict: Enraptured by the flaps, which we managed to play peek-a-boo with; would have eaten them if allowed. I'm sensing a theme.


  • Title: Where's Spot?
  • Author/Illustrator: Eric Hill
  • Source: In home library
  • Publisher: Penguin

What's on tomorrow? Harry the dirty dog.