Book 49 - Slinky Malinki #100daysofbooks (verdict: dare I say it ... better than Hairy Maclary)

Day 49 and another from from Lynley Dodd, Slinky Malinki. This has the same appealing illustrations as Hairy Maclary, but with more of a narrative story. Slinky is a thieving cat, who's brought undone by his own kleptomaniacal greed. The story is told in typical energetic and pleasing rhyme, and I found myself more rapt than in the dogs' tale (no pun intended). Maybe that's just the strange personality of cats appealing to me, but I'd read this again in a heartbeat.

Master A's verdict: More excitement than usual with a story - really enjoys these types of rhymes and fixes on the pages, too.


  • Title: Slinky Malinki
  • Author/Illustrator: Lynley Dodd
  • Source: In home library
  • Publisher:

What's on tomorrow? No idea - might need a library trip.