Book 56 - Who Sank the Boat? #100daysofbooks (verdict: lovely)

Day 56. Pamela Allen is a name that keeps coming up, and I recently had someone recommend one of her titles very strongly to me. That particular one, I couldn't find, but I discovered Who Sank the Boat? hiding on a shelf in the local bookshop. The illustrations are expressive and delightful, and the story is a simple exploration of the title's question. It's linear, and though the answer isn't really in question, the reveal is satisfying in the same way that the a book like Where Is The Green Sheep? is. I'll be on the look out for other Pamela Allens.

Master A's verdict: Was thoroughly attentive today.


  • Title: Who Sank the Boat?
  • Author/Illustrator: Pamela Allen
  • Source: In home library
  • Publisher: Puffin

What's on tomorrow? a new book, with dragons :).