Book 58 - The Kiss That Missed #100daysofbooks (verdict: interesting)

Day 58. Today we read The Kiss That Missed, a tale of a royal bedtime kiss, thrown out in haste, which misses its target and creates a great misadventure putting the kingdom to sleep as a knight tries to recover it. I liked the idea behind this book - it's cute and stands out as fairly original in all the stories we've read so far. The eventual resolution brings a moral into the story which isn't too heavy handed. The actual journey of the knight in the kingdom is a little odd, but that's part of the adventure. While I hadn't heard of this book before, it seems it's a fairly popular and well-known tale. I think it's interesting, and a nice combination of fantasy and bedtime story. You can find a YouTube version, here.

Master A's verdict: Paid attention to the pictures despite it interrupting learning-to-crawl time. A good sign.


  • Title: The Kiss That Missed
  • Author/Illustrator: David Melling
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Barron's

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