Book 61 - Monster Truck Mountain Rescue #100daysofbooks (verdict: whacky fun)

Day 61. I saw Monster Truck Mountain Rescue in the library and that combination of words, combined with a mouse driver evident on the cover, were enough to say 'yes, please'. Basically, a mouse drives a monster truck, crushing caravans and causing other general mayhem in a show. But by chance, a rescue situation occurs on their way home (an avalanche takes out a bridge, and a climber is stuck on the mountain!) and they end up saving the day, leaping across rivers and rocks and otherwise pwning said mountain. This story is just whacky fun, really. Master A's dad pointed out that the male mouse driver rescues a girl mouse, which is a bit damsel-in-distress, but gave it half points because at least she was climbing a mountain.

Master A's verdict: There's no rhyming, so I expected Master A to not be engaged, but he actually did look at the pictures and paid attention. Probably the copious onomatopoeia.


  • Title: Monster Truck Mountain Rescue
  • Author/Illustrator: Peter Bently / Martha Lightfoot
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: QEB

What's on tomorrow? A new book.