Book 67 - My Dad's the Coolest #100daysofbooks (verdict: cute)

Day 67. For father's day, Master A got his day (with some direction from me) My Dad's the Coolest which they then read together. This is a simple prose book that (given the size of the text and the language) I'm guessing is aimed at early readers. Each double page spread has a line of text and accompanying illustration, each showing a different animal dad-child pair (Bruce Whatley illustrates yet again ... this man is everywhere!). It's a cute book with a nice sentiment.

Master A's verdict: Paid attention and reached for the book. My husband interprets that this means he agreed with the content ;).


  • Title: My Dad's the Coolest
  • Author/Illustrator: Rosie Smith / Bruce Whatley
  • Source: Father's day gift from Master A
  • Publisher: Scholastic

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.