Book 92 - Lucky Tucker #100daysofbooks (verdict: fun, especially for adults)

Day 92. I have to be honest - I saw a lot of euphemisms in Lucky Tucker. I have no idea if it's intentional (probably not) but from the title, to some of the illustrations, there were moments of hilarity for me. I started wondering if it was a secret stash of humour for adults (a bit like The Simpsons always had), especially as it's a story with an Irish flavour. Basically, Tucker has a bad luck day, then rolls in some four-leaf clover and his fortunes change, and from then on it's icecream and frivolity. This was a fun read for me, and illustrations are simple and bright. It's not a glorious pinnacle of the genre, but we've read many a less enjoyable tale than this.

Master A's verdict: Enjoyed, while crawling across our laps.


  • Title: Lucky Tucker
  • Author/Illustrator: Leslie McGuirk
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Candlewick

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.