Book 94 - Annie's Feet Can... #100daysofbooks (verdict: odd)

Day 94. I try to find something positive in each of these books, but for a bunch of reasons this one just got up my nose. Annie's Feet Can... is just ... odd. It's very simple text (all the things Annie's feet can do - like jumping, splashing, and so on), and that part isn't really an issue, I guess. But the illustrations are just ... weird. The Annie character is like an anthropomorphised cloud with strange watercolour blobs on the side of her head (ears?) and is done in pink (because she's a girl, which bothered me more because an accompanying volume is about Oscar, and he's blue. Let's reinforce those gender colours. Again.) There's two "touchy feely" pages (one so subtle you miss it), and another "pop-up" page, which was sadly broken in our library copy. The mix of elements was confusing, and the cover listed an illustrator, but not an author. Again ... odd. The story left me feeling perplexed and a little cross. I'm hoping it's not the sort of thing Master A wants to read over and over.

Master A's verdict: More interested in an HG Wells novel sitting on the couch end. Not a good sign.


  • Title: Annie's Feet Can...
  • Author/Illustrator: ? / Clive McFarland
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Five Mile Press

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.