Book 98 - 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees #100daysofbooks (verdict: an update on essentials)

Day 98. The 21st Century Guide to the Birds and the Bees is exactly that. I remember as a child having something called The Body Book that tried to teach about how the body worked, including reproduction. But these days, a book like that is lagging behind the times. This book covers IVF, IUI, and surrogacy using proper terms and delightful pictures. I met the authors of this book at a library event and they are really passionate about these issues, and it's reflected in the high quality production of the book. Regardless of whether or not you have a child conceived in these ways, these days they're still bound to have friends who were, so it's a good one to have when needed.

Master A's verdict: Too young yet for the information, but particularly enjoyed the pictures.


What's on tomorrow? another library pick.