A Little Project: #100daysofbooks ... and Book #1 - The Very Cranky Bear

My son turns 100 days old today (3.29 months), and as we've read together over the last few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about books I loved as a kid. I remember childhood reading being equal parts discovery and comfort, even back to picture books. Some stories I've long forgotten, and others I remember vividly - John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat comes to mind. My father read me Black Beauty and made up original stories as well. I loved those times. It's an experience I want to pass on, but can be hard sometimes in the blistering pace of everything else going on. I adore the reading time and want to make a habit of it. So I've decided to embark on a little start-up project - for the next 100 days of his life, I'm going to read a different book each day to my son, and make a record here (I'll be tagging it #100daysofbooks). Sometimes (most times) we'll be reading more books, especially the ones he loves, but I'll just be putting the new one here. When those 100 days are up, we'll be into the time of the year when royalties (if there are some) turn up. I'm incredibly fortunate to make some income from my writing, and have ready access to books to be able to do this project at all. So when hopefully that cheque turns up, I plan on making a donation to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, who work to raise literacy levels and improve the lives of Indigenous children in remote and isolated areas. Check them out.

For each book I'll provide a little commentary and a photo. Maybe sometimes some thoughts that come from the reading. And if you love reading to your kids, too, I'd love to hear what book you're reading with them today in the comments. So, without further delay ...

Book #1 - The Very Cranky Bear

1_Inside_Cranky Bear

My verdict: Seems a fitting kick-off to this project, if you read Nick Bland's bio. This story combines sweet sentiment and pleasing rhyme. I loved it. I could read this one again and again. Lovely big pages and cute illustrations with a dreamy, fuzzy style. Could be a bedtime book, too.

Master A's verdict: Mum did the bear's voice a bit loud the first time (oops). Pays careful attention to the text being read, and to the pictures. Perfect length for attention span. :)


1_Cover_Cranky Bear

  • Title: The Very Cranky Bear
  • Author/Illustrator: Nick Bland
  • Source: Gift from friends
  • Publisher: Scholastic