Book 96 - Newtonian Physics for Babies #100daysofbooks (verdict: hmmm)

Day 96. I'm all for introducing kids to the wonders of the natural world, I'm just not sure this is the book to do it. Newtonian Physics for Babies introduces Newton's three laws, but there's a couple of tests that I thought it should have passed. Firstly, I thought that we (adults, and both mechanical engineers) should have had no trouble understanding it. But I actually found it confusing to follow, and that gives me alarm bells. The pictures are really basic, too, and I'm not sure it would engage many children - it doesn't seem geared for them at all - there's no narrative, rhythm, rhyme, or characters, just statements. Production quality is also a bit low. Now, having said all of that, it has a bunch of high reviews on Amazon, so maybe it is working for some people out there. I don't think our household will be one of them, but I would be curious to look at the other two volumes in the series (Optical Physics and Quantum Physics).

Master A's verdict: Not much to say here.


  • Title: Newtonian Physics for Babies
  • Author/Illustrator: Chris Ferrie
  • Source: Gift and in home library
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

What's on tomorrow? Again, not sure.