Book 18 - Be the best ever EVER astronaut #100daysofbooks (verdict: not so sure about the ending ...)

Day 18. So, right from the start I need to acknowledge my first degree was mechanical and space engineering, some of which I did spent building rockets (plus some time later at the CSIRO). So I'm a bit of a tough customer with space stuff (I remember some of us going to see Armageddon as students - the others in the cinema probably hated the running commentary). But anyway - I'm not your lay audience, put it that way. I'm going to assume a few things in this are for ironic humour (such as the rocket being full of knobs, and everyone wearing badges with their names on them, except the protagonist whose says 'me'. Useful.). These did amuse me. And I can forgive the stuff that stretches the reality of what astronauts currently do, and the simplifications (which felt a bit patronising, even for a kids' story) - the boundary to science fiction is probably thinnest in space.

But I am somewhat concerned with the self-aggrandising ending, where the astronaut is very famous, gets a medal and has their picture painted. I know we're in a celebrity culture, but wow ... did we really have to go there? Doesn't seem to be the point to be emphasising. Hmmmm.

Master A's verdict: Dad ironing shirts across the room was more interesting than the book, but to be fair he's more into books with rhyme and rhythm now, and can appreciate neither fact finding or ironic humour.


  • Title: Be the best ever EVER astronaut
  • Author/Illustrator: Moira Butterfield / Caroline Davis
  • Source: Gift and in home library
  • Publisher: Parragon Book Service

What's on tomorrow? Undecided.