swimming lessons

Book 81 - Betsy Learns to Swim! #100daysofbooks (verdict: loved it!)

Day 81. I spent huge tracts of my childhood at swimming pools, involved in Royal Life Saving Society medal programs. My mother tells me that I hated swimming until suddenly one day I didn't. I don't remember that part, but naturally I have many memories of swimming at the Sleeman complex in Brisbane, at the Hibiscus and Cleveland pools, and at various beaches up and down the coast.

All those memories made Betsy Learns to Swim! nostalgic, and it covered all the fun aspects of time at the pool, while dealing with the not-so-fun stuff. I really loved it - the illustrations are expressive and colourful, and ... it's a female protagonist!!! :) And it's also nicely timed - as Master A will be 6 months this next week and the warmer weather is coming, swimming lessons are not far away.

Master A's verdict: Paid attention, and didn't even eat this one :).


  • Title: Betsy Learns to Swim!
  • Author/Illustrator: Helen Stephens
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Hardie Grant Edgmont

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.