Brisbane Writers Festival .... huzzah!!

This morning I was super excited to find in my diary that the BWF program launch is on tonight. Such a find was as fabulous as discovering there's still another Lindt ball in the box (there were four, not three!), or a fifty dollar note in the car ashtray (it happened to me once). So, I guess you're gathering that I'd forgtten about it. You'd be right. It's first week of uni, there's a manuscript due next week. But huzzah ... all that will be raked aside to bask in the glory of the upcoming festival. BWF is a little bit special. It's the first writerly/readerly event I ever went to. I met John Adjive Lindqvist there. It's in my hometown, which I love dearly. And this year, for the first time, I'm actually going to be on some panels.

The program release means it's just around the corner, and it's an amazing looking program - I'm stoked that it will be just down the road, readily accessible for all us Brisbanites and welcome visitors. You can find the program here (if the site is down, it's just because it broke under the weight of its own demand and awesomeness). And for the half of the year which is the slippery slide of conventions, conferences and festivals into Christmas, this is a great one to kick off with.

In case you're interested in catching me there, see Friday's A Roll in the Hay: Rural Romance panel and Saturday's How I Got Published panel.