Video blog (testing): Butler vs Tatum!

If you attended GenreCon this year or read any of the wrap-ups, you might have heard rumours about a workshop my writing buddy Rebekah Turner and I did on lessons writers can learn from 80s and 90s action films, called "Beyond Rippling Muscles and Uzi 9mms". We had such a brilliant reaction to the workshop, that we decided to extend the love, and Bek and I rejoined forces recently to hack out a first attempt at a video review through a writer's lens. We learned that next time, we'll shoot for more succinct, and possibly a better video editor than movie maker. But we may also talk about female antagonists, female heros, and other awesome things like that. But! for now, here is our first foray, where we talk about White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen and why one of them is definitely a better film. Character, structure and man-titty, here we go.