Book winners!

I was amazed and humbled by the responses on last week's book giveaway post. Those landscape experiences not only took me away - to golden beaches, waterholes, and down long dusty roads - but every story was heartfelt and personal. The posters were right - Australia is magical, every part of it. I want to thank everyone who posted (both here and on Facebook) for sharing their experiences - your passion for Australia was palpable, and made me very proud to live in this amazing country. I wish I could make all the posters winners, but with two book packs to send, there had to be a tough decision. As my favourite, I chose Lynn's story of wedgetail eagles on the road from Darwin to South Australia. I just can't go past majestic birds. I can still remember seeing injured wedgies at a wildlife park years ago and it broke my heart (and inspired a short story), so I loved this glimpse of them wild and free. Here's the post:

Driving South down the ‘track’ from Darwin heading for SA ..through the heat haze, rich red dirt & scrubby trees my son & I see what at first looks like shortish people running back & forth across the undulating road … As we get closer there appears to be a group of 5… We wonder what they’re doing … We come up over the next rise in the road & there in front of us are 5 magnificent & very large, wedgetail eagles. Mum, dad & their fledglings. We were stunned & in awe to see these incredible birds … They were feasting on a bullock .. & were quite calm about us slowing down to admire them. We were enthralled .. & humbled by their presence. Once again the magic & mystery of Australia’s outback reminded me how ancient our country us .. how majestic … & that we humans are tinier than a grain of sand. I love our country & never cease to be amazed at what appears over the hill & around the swooping curve.

My second random-draw winner was Beth, with her honeymoon story of snorkelling, clams and ill-placed flippers that made me laugh. Congrats to both - your books will be on their way very soon.