Winter Warmer Book Pack Giveaway!

Winter Giveaway Now that the chilly brrr weather is finally upon us, it's the season of coats, doonas and hot drinks. If you're down south, maybe you're already cracking ice off the windscreen. And if you're up north, well, maybe you finally put on a t-shirt instead of a singlet!!

Regardless of where you are in our great land, to celebrate the appearance of winter, perfect season for reading in your long socks, dressing gown, or snuggie**, I am giving away a winter warmer reader's gift pack, including:

  • Personalised signed copy of both Ryders Ridge and Iron Junction
  • Chocolates to nom nom while reading
  • Tea mug to hold hot beverages (perfect for melting chocolates in mouth into saucy heaven). To set the mood for your rural reading adventure, mug is carefully selected to be at home either in a station kitchen or crib room, aka "trendy industrial chic"***
  • Tasty tea to brew in above mug! I've included both Perth Breakfast, in honour of Iron Junction's WA setting, and Toasty Warm, the toasted marshmallow of teas, perfect for winter nights.
  • Bookmarks to keep your place when you get up to make more tea.

Simply comment on this post (or on the Facebook thread) to enter - winner to be chosen by random draw. Entries close midnight (Brisbane time) on Wednesday 21 May 2014. Gift pack will be speedily in the post soon after that - good luck!

**any brave people who post (either here or on the Facebook page) a picture of their favourite winter house socks, blanket, snuggie or other snuggly reading companion (animals accepted!) will receive a double chance to win!

***I claim no special knowledge of what is "trendy" or "chic". But, mug is guaranteed to hold hot beverages. :)

Update: Although my books aren't available for sale everywhere overseas (yet!), I'm quite happy to ship to an international winner, so enter away, even if you're outside Australia :)