Aussie novels on the map!

So, this morning I came across a link to this fantastic map that pins the settings of favourite books on a world map. It's a great idea, the literary variation on the similarly cool American states by movie that's been around for a while (there was a better one for TV shows, but google isn't helping me find it again ... ). I get excited by things like this because I (like so many of us) am a highly visual person. (And I like maps. There's that too.) In fact, when I teach creative writing in workshops and lectures, I use a lot of examples from TV and film. I find it brilliant for engaging everyone, getting across narrative principles in shorter time spaces than reading text, and speaks to love of cinematic style writing.

The book map has one big flaw though - there's only two entries for all of Australia! So, for a bit of fun, I've pinned my book locations on a map of Oz through - you can click on it to go to an interactive version that shows all the books. And if you've got favourite stories set in our great land, why not go and nominate them on the lovereading site? Put our stories literally on the map!