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Charlotte Nash was born in historic Lincoln, England and grew up in the sunny Redland Shire of Brisbane. Obsessed with horses and riding, she began stealing her mother's Jilly Cooper novels at the age of thirteen, and has been enthusiastic for romance ever since. Always a little unconventional, she took a meandering path to writing through careers in engineering and medicine, including stints building rockets and as an industrial accident investigator. Now she writes romantic stories, and moonlights as a creative writing PhD student, studying how narratives engage the brain. She lives in a cosy Brisbane cottage with her husband and son, and a small flock of lovable chooks.



Charlotte's contemporary small-town (rural romance) and big-world (contemporary women's fiction) romantic stories are published with Hachette Australia. She is also a spec fic writer (for her sci-fi and fantasy stories, click here) and has been nominated for Ditmar and Aurealis awards. She teaches creative writing in some semesters at The University of Queensland and for Queensland Writers Centre.

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When not writing, Charlotte loves good movies of all genres, cruising about on her Triumph, weightlifting, running, and sailing a yacht somewhere warm with palm trees. She enjoys the act of travelling and appreciates a good adventure.

She has a tiny head (has had to wear the kids' helmets at some fun parks), likes hats and rings, dislikes the effects of caffeine, and likes fixing stuff.

Her favourite writers are Jilly Cooper, JR Ward, Nahlini Singh, Liane Moriaty, JoJo Moyes, Neal Stephenson, Michael Crichton, Ted Chiang and Kim Stanley Robinson.

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