Iron Junction

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 Australian edition

Australian edition

The Walker-Bell Stories #2

Dr Beth Harding nearly married the wrong man ...

To avoid family judgement, she keeps the break-up a secret and flees to a temporary job in the tiny mining town of Iron Junction, where dashing engineer Will Walker rescues her on a lonely road.

But Will has a past. Working on his father’s cattle farm was never the life he wanted, but turning his back on his family had far more to do with the dark secret he left at home. Now there’s trouble brewing at the Iron Junction mine, and the complication of his growing feelings for Beth. Amid the high drama of cyclone and flood, Beth and Will have one final chance at a future together. Will they be brave enough to love each other despite everything that stands in their way?

The Walker-Bell Stories blend a satisfying contemporary romance with family, secrets and medical drama, and feature the Walker and Bell family siblings and friends. More in this series:

#1 Ryders Ridge
#3 Crystal Creek
#4 Great Haven (coming in 2018)

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