The Paris Wedding

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Ten years ago, Rachael gave up the love of her life. Now, he's marrying someone else. In Paris. And Rachael's invited.

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The Paris Wedding is the story of Rachael West, who stayed on her family property to care for mother rather than follow her love, Matthew to the city. Ten years later after her mother's sudden death, she unexpectedly receives an invitation to Matthew's wedding. Initially against the idea of attending, she eventually decides to go, if only to convince herself that she is over him once and for all.

She doesn't count on what happens when she sees him again, nor on the other turns the city of light and love has for her. After this week, nothing will be the same again.


Other Editions

The Paris Wedding will soon be published by William Morrow in the USA, and in Italian by Newton Compton. There are also sales in the works for Norwegian and Czech editions. Details and covers for these editions soon!

Audiobook Edition

Audiobook Edition

UK Edition

UK Edition

I absolutely loved this book. This is my first time reading anything by Charlotte Nash; I am now officially in love. Nash’s writing style is extremely emotive and tender. I genuinely felt all the ups and downs that Rachael experience on her journey as if I was living them.
— Gemsbooknook,
Click here to read their full review in the iBooks store.

Click here to read their full review in the iBooks store.

A tale of loss, self-discovery and the depth of friendship ... Nash’s spellbinding descriptions of Paris, the City of Love - as seen through Rachael’s country-girl eyes - are a treat, as is that bittersweet idea of “the one that got away”.
— iBooks Review
Filled with genuine emotions and relationship dynamics, this story was genuine and emotive and I always feel part of this authors stories. From the identifiable characters to the atmospheric settings, from the uplifting character growth to the poignant life lessons, I did enjoy this book.
— Scandalicious Book Review
The story flowed, written with such beautiful imagery that I could picture myself both in a wheat field and strolling along the cobbled streets of Paris. Wonderful characters that felt real and relatable kept me turning the pages.
— Janeane, BJ's Book Blog
The contrast in detail from the Australian Outback to the streets of Paris is wonderful. ... What I most appreciated, however, was the poetic resonance that portrayed Paris in such a special way. ... I highly recommend this book.
— Helen from Great Reads and Tea Leaves