Book 6 - Madeline #100daysofbooks

Day 6, and the classic Madeline. This one's tricky. The illustrations are sweet, but I find the rhythm and rhyme so difficult to get right reading aloud. Sometimes it seems like it rhymes, then it doesn't, and some pages you have to fly past to keep the rhythm. I read it a couple of times trying to make it seem pleasing and I know I didn't nail it - I'll have to practice being consistent and maybe try again later. Having said that, I have a sketchy childhood memory of not enjoying Madeline, because I couldn't relate to Paris, or nuns, and I thought the kids in the story were silly for wanting their appendices out, too. Funny, the things you remember. Published in 1934, this one has obviously stood the test of time in many households, and spawned a franchise of other books and animation. Just not sure it's going to be a favourite here.

Master A's verdict: Paid attention and was very forgiving of my sub-par poetic efforts :).


  • Title: Madeline
  • Author/Illustrator: Ludwig Bemelmans
  • Source: Gift from friends and in home library
  • Publisher: Puffin

What's on tomorrow? A few choices ... might choose a controversial one ;)