Book 7 - Go the **** to Sleep #100daysofbooks

Day 7, and with Go the F*** to Sleep we have perhaps our most controversial (and hilarious) entry. Now, I stress I'm reading this one because he's too young to understand the words, and it's not going to become a regular feature. Having said that, I find social views on swearing interesting - there's a bunch of research that finds generally held beliefs aren't supported (e.g. that swearing 'corrupts' children, that it's a sign of an immature mind expressing itself, or is a sign of low social status - all of these things are not held up under scrutiny - I know, I wrote a paper on it a while back). Swearing actually serves some crucial functions in language and social interaction, and for children, we more or less expect them to know the bad words in order NOT to use them. These words therefore end up with lots of emotion attached to them, so they end up processed in a different part of the brain, and tend to come out when we need to express strong emotions (or bond with a social group, which is kinda the same thing), which is all fascinating. But anyway - none of this means I'm going to read a ranty book to Master A as he gets old enough to get it. This one is definitely for me! And with a quote from Mem Fox on the cover, who's going to argue?

On the reading experience, I mucked the cadence a bit, but it's quite funny, and he had a laugh with me without knowing why. Given he's just started sleeping longer, I feel this one might be tempting the god of Murphy, but it's done now.

For further adult amusement, you can also find Samuel L. Jackson reading it here, and if you want to never see Playschool the same way again, Noni Hazelhurst here.

Master A's verdict: Smiled along. Not as enraptured with the pictures, but joined in the jolly time anyway.


  • Title: Go The F*** to Sleep
  • Author/Illustrator: Adam Mansbach / Ricardo Cortes
  • Source: Gift from friends and in home library
  • Publisher: Akashic Books

What's on tomorrow? Heading back to Australiana with Snug as a Hug.