Book 8 - Snug as a Hug #100daysofbooks

Day 8, and the Australian lullaby Snug as a Hug. This book is beautiful - huge pages with cuddly illustrations of sleeping native animals. Makes me think of chocolate, which clearly means the Cadbury marketing machine did its work well with the 'furry friends' when I was a kid. That's a bit disturbing really. Speaking of disturbing, I know this is meant to be a bedtime book, so we read it right before the first nap. Yeah, bad idea. Pretty pictures means excitement. And Master A seems to have cottoned on to the idea of turning pages without having quite the motor skills to do it. We'll work on that. But we might keep this exciting one for awake readings for now! Text wise, the words are simple but effective - poetic with a lovely ending.

Master A's verdict: Got so excited about the pictures he found it difficult to nap. Also thought the pages looked tasty. Nom nom nom.


  • Title: Snug as a Hug
  • Author/Illustrator: Marcia Vaughan / Pamela Lofts
  • Source: Gift from friends and in home library
  • Publisher: Scholastic

What's on tomorrow? Hmmm ... another dive into the pile.