Book 9 - Grug #100daysofbooks

Day 9. You might remember yesterday's reading invoked childhood associations with chocolate. Well, the beneficiary of that was the local Koko Black (too bad, Cadbury) where I spent rather too much on Belgian delights. Partly I blame Michael Mosley, whose doco on pleasure and pain (watched in parts today) displayed lots of chocolate on screen. Too much suggestion for me to resist, I'm afraid. But speaking of pleasure and pain, today's new reading was the Australian classic Grug, which spawned many more Grug adventures and animations, merchandising, etc.

I really want to like this book. It was in my primary school classrooms. And there is something appealing about the idea. But it's not as I remember, and in the act of reading I just ... don't like it. Not yet, anyway. It doesn't have a rhythm, itsand the ending is just weird and abrupt. Sorry, Grug. I guess the fortunate thing is that this is a short one ... so if Master A likes it, happy to read it. Not sure he does yet though.

Master A's verdict: Far more interested in turning the pages. Couldn't engage him with reading the text today.


  • Title: Grug
  • Author/Illustrator: Ted Prior
  • Source: Gift from friends and in home library
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster

What's on tomorrow? We're going to the library today, so who knows!