Book 10 - Baby Beats (and a trip to @BNElibraries Indooroopilly) #100daysofbooks

Day 10. Yesterday we made a foray off into the local library, and even having avoided a duel with the parking nightmare at Indro by walking, still arrived a little tuckered out. No matter - a storytime was going on, and Master A and I stayed a few minutes while he enjoyed the new environs of the home of books. Then I grabbed seven books almost at random (with a couple of familiar names like Quentin Blake and Alan Ahlberg) to take home. (Local libraries all have reading times for babies and kids, so check out your local council libraries for times).

Having looked at all of them, I culled a few choices (maybe I'll talk about that later ...) and today we read Baby Beats, which was a nominee for this year's CBCA Awards. Combining onomatopoeic sound words with simple language lines, it rhymes pleasingly and clearly it's been a hit with other small library patrons with a ripped page in the middle (I'm a devotee of the carnal loving of books, so I take this as a good sign).

Master A's verdict: Listens carefully to the words. Seemed to like the appearance of the cat near the end.


  • Title: Baby Beats
  • Author/Illustrator: Karen Blair
  • Source: BCC Library
  • Publisher: Walker Books

What's on tomorrow? Another of our library picks.