Book 11 - The Great Balloon Hullaballoo #100daysofbooks

Day 11. I'm especially appreciative of the inventiveness that is The Great Balloon Hullaballoo. I mean, any book that can take a shopping trip and turn it into Gravity meets nursery rhymes, I salute you. Totally didn't see where this one was going, and Lol'd extensively at the toilet rolls being bought on Uranus. But of course. Snigger, snigger. We borrowed this from the library, but I'll be looking to add it to the permanent home library. Felt like a big adventure in just a few pages.

Master A's verdict: Laughed at the Uranus bit too, but mostly because I was laughing. Though clearly babies are connoisseurs of toilet humour ... maybe he understands more than I think.


What's on tomorrow? Might have to bite the bullet and do the one/s I don't like, just to see if he does.