Book 12 - That's not my donkey (sigh ...) #100daysofbooks

Day 12. Sigh. I want to say lots of positive things about all these books. One thing that does boggle me (being a writer) is the production logistics in something like these touchy-feely titles. It must be hell trying to bind them (I speak from experience, having produced a book at school for kids along similar lines - tying shoelaces, doing up buttons, etc - the teacher pinged me for sloppy glue technique). Anyway, so I marvel ... but I do have to wonder if the effort is worth it. It's a pretty product, but as a story book? Not so sure. Perhaps it might be good for learning adjectives, but I honestly don't feel that there's so much differentiation between all the textures to make it worthwhile - I don't even think some of them match (the fuzzy/furry ears just feel rough to me). And for me as an adult, reading it is a tad painful. That's not my  donkey x 7 or so ... sigh. Where did all these donkeys come from? I can see what's going to happen. A bigger story will have to be constructed. There we are, silver lining.

We have two of these titles (the other being about a bunch of dinosaurs instead). They aren't my first pick, but if Master A wants it, I shall provide (because there's nothing worse than someone else judging what you want to read). Just he doesn't. Not yet.

Master A's verdict: He's still a bit young for this, I think (and to be fair, the publisher's site does say 6+ months). He wants to touch the pages, but not the texture-y bits. The story is sooo simple that there's little auditory to engage him in the meantime.


  • Title: That's not my donkey
  • Author/Illustrator: Fiona Watt / Rachel Wells
  • Source: Gift from friends and in home library
  • Publisher: Usborne Books

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick!