Book 13 - The Magic Quilt #100daysofbooks

Day 13, and it's freezing in the house, so rather than a library book I picked The Magic Quilt, which came from Grandma along with an actual quilt. The story follows Toby as the quilt transports him to fantastical scenarios and back again. The idea is cute and although Master A isn't yet using his quilt (which is red. black and white and has scotty dogs on it) I'm sure he will in the future. I enjoyed the story and the sentiment behind it - it's all about that magical escape that childhood is about, and at the same time, the comfort of familiar things.

Master A's verdict: He enjoys this book, particularly the full double-page colour illustrations, like the train. It's perhaps a bit long for his attention span at this age, but a bit of time will fix that.


  • Title: The Magic Quilt
  • Author/Illustrator: Katie Sokolic / Glenn Sokolic
  • Source: Gift from Grandma and in home library
  • Publisher: Red Forest Creations

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick - or - if we make it to reading morning at the library, whatever we hear there.