Book 22 - The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was none of his business #100daysofbooks (verdict: poo, and revenge!)

The Little Mole (no. 22) is a story about poo, and revenge. But mostly poo. Basically, a little mole is shat on and goes on a journey to find out who did it, so he can poo on them back. No, really. This is a badass story (in a toddler sense, if that's possible) but manages to be entirely charming with its exploration of the colour and consistency of all animal business, if you know what I mean. Of course, that's how all the bad boys get you in (with charm, I mean, not with animal dung). I was mesmerised by the subject matter being in print, but go with it ... it's funny, and surprisingly informative. I just hope it doesn't lead to bum gun preoccupations in real life (like this dude who pooed in a tunnel in NZ ... no really) because I suspect it will become a favourite once Master A is old enough to appreciate the subject matter!

Thanks very much to Betty Bath for the suggestion :) You can find it being read on YouTube here. Originally a German title, among the weirdest things I read is that it's been adapted for the stage in the Netherlands. Okay then!

Master A's verdict: Paid attention, probably because I was laughing.


  • Title: The Story of the Little Mole (who knew it was none of his business)
  • Author/Illustrator: Werner Holzwarth / Wolf Erlbruch
  • Source: Ordered online and in home library
  • Publisher: Pavilion

What's on tomorrow? Probably another library pick.