Book 23 - Mr Sneeze #100daysofbooks (verdict: classic Mr Men)

Day 23 and Mr Sneeze. I owned all the Mr Mens when I was a kid - Dad and I used to collect them from the newsagent. It took a very long time to find the last one we were missing (can't remember now if it was Mr Tickle or Mr Mean), but sadly I have no idea what happened to the collection. In any case, Master A has a habit of two sneezes followed by a little "oh" sound, which has become so characteristic that Mr Sneeze seemed a natural choice.

There's heaps more words and less pictures than most books for kids his age, but as an adult I had forgotten the distinctive voice of the Mr Men books - authoritative, and infused with silliness, seriousness, and magic when needed. Must go ask Mum if we still have the old copies.

Master A's verdict: A bit old for him at the moment with not enough pictures, but we'll try again later.


  • Title: Mr Sneeze (Mr. Men No. 5)
  • Author/Illustrator: Roger Hargreaves
  • Source: Gift from Dad
  • Publisher: Penguin

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