Book 24 - Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site #100daysofbooks (verdict: very cool)

Day 24 and Master A's Dad (a mechanical engineer and manbeast) read Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. Not to be gender stereotyped, I'll add that manbeast reported he'd seen this book in the bookstore during the week. When I asked why on earth he hadn't bought it, he returned to do so on Friday and so brought the shiny copy home last night.

It's a lovely production, regardless of the subject matter, with gorgeous illustrations that make even heavy machinery tender (and amusing), with some pictures particularly clever in integrating the goodnight theme. I can easily see how it is a NYT bestseller. The rhyme and rhythm is also lovely - cement mixers have never seemed so restful. Check it a reading on YouTube here. This one, I would guess, is going to be a winner. As another mechanical engineer myself, read it to all your kids, including your daughters. They might like heavy machinery like I do.

Master A's verdict: Manbeast reports Master A very interested in this one, with much gazing at the pages and his face while reading, watching how words are made. Good signs!


What's on tomorrow? Something classic.