Book 25 - The Story of Ferdinand #100daysofbooks (verdict: simple and sweet)

Day 25 and another Dad reading, this time The Story of Ferdinand, another classic from the 30s (now, that's longevity). This has simple (but very sweet) illustrations. I only knew the story from the animation, which had much more Disney-esque depictions, and I preferred the book. There's two odd moments where the story takes special trouble to point out that Ferdinand's mother is a cow (which seemed obvious, being as he's a bull, leading you to wonder if they were stressing the point for another reason), but all in all, it's a lovely story (sadly rare) of a bull marked for a fight in Spain and coming out well at the end.

Thanks to Maria Gunn for the recommendation :)

Master A's verdict: Enjoyed this, and the simple black and white illustrations seemed appealing. Another one for the regular rotation.


  • Title: The Story of Ferdinand
  • Author/Illustrator: Munroe Leaf / Robert Lawson
  • Source: Purchased online and in home library
  • Publisher: Viking

What's on tomorrow? A new purchase.