Book 53 - Seadog #100daysofbooks (verdict: endearing)

Day 53 we read Seadog. Now, I'm not a dog person. I pretend to like other people's dogs to spare their feelings, but secretly (well, not so much now I guess) I find them hairy and smelly and generally unappealing. Horses, yes. Cats, yes. Birds, guinea pigs, all fine. Just not dogs. But ... I have spent a fair amount of time on boats, so the idea behind this book appeals to me anyway. The illustrations are in a rough, expressive style, conveying the scruffy seadog and his non-land-dog ways (and this comparison is what the story is about, complete with bath at the end). It's endearing, despite my lack of affection for dogs generally. So I'd recommend it to anyone who has a bit of boatie in them, or loves the doggie clan more than I do.

Master A's verdict: Enjoyed the pictures, and practiced turning the pages.


  • Title: Seadog
  • Author/Illustrator: Clair Saxby / Tom Jellett
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Random House

What's on tomorrow? another library pick.