Book 73 - Book-o-Beards #100daysofbooks (verdict: good fun)

Day 73 and we had a bit of fun reading Book-o-Beards, a "wearable book". You put your nose in the notch at the spine and voila! you become a lumberjack, or Santa Claus, or a cowboy, or another bearded character. Each one is accompanied by a short somewhat silly rhyme, which all together is a good lark. There's not much more to say, really!

Master A's verdict: Paid attention, but still too young to get the joke.


  • Title: Book-o-Beards
  • Author/Illustrator: Donald Lemke / Bob Lentz
  • Source: Borrowed from the local library
  • Publisher: Capstone Press

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.