Book 74 - I'll Save You Bobo! #100daysofbooks (verdict: cool and funny)

Day 74 and we read I'll Save You Bobo! This is a story about making stories, and the attempts of a persistent cat to get in the way. It's funny and you could see it happening, with the celebrated childhood staples of drawing, outlandish imaginative tales, tents made of chairs and sheets, and toys as real as people. I admit I picked up the story because Mr Burns's bear in The Simpsons was called Bobo (in this story it's a monkey) but I enjoyed it more than many of the books we've read in this series. I'd be looking to acquire a copy for the home library.

Master A's verdict: Liked this one, despite extensive wriggling.


  • Title: I'll Save You Bobo!
  • Author/Illustrator: Eileen Rosenthal / Marc Rosenthal
  • Source: Borrowed from the local library
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.