Book 77 - Willibee the Bumblebee #100daysofbooks (verdict: nice)

Day 77. I don't know how many people remember Maya the bee (the animated series is what I saw as a kid) but I recall being quite moved by it, and I immediately thought of it when I spotted Willibee the Bumblebee at the library. Willibee is about a bee who ends up bare-bummed when his jumper unravels, and is helped out by some other friendly insects (though the spider did still give me the creeps, I have to be honest). The story is nice. Some of the rhymes are a little bit laboured, but you get that. In contrast to Maya, I note another story with a male main character. I'm going to have some thoughts about this when we finish the series.

Master A's verdict: Listened to the story, but didn't really want to look at the pictures.



  • Title: Willibee the Bumblebee
  • Author/Illustrator: Craig Smith, Maureen Thomson / Katz Cowley
  • Source: Borrowed from the local library
  • Publisher: Scholastic

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.