Book 78 - Trucks #100daysofbooks (verdict: simple and curious)

Day 78. Owing to a combination of rain, last night's class and ensuing upset, I'm late with yesterday's post. It was the aptly named Trucks where (for reasons unknown) cats drive all manner of trucks that are thusly described. I find it fascinating how many kids books there are about trucks. I asked Master A's dad what it is about trucks - he thinks because they're big and noisy and less accessible than cars. Despite those qualifications, this book contains no haul trucks or other mining equipment (despite some dodgy entries - it claims camper vans and delivery vans are also trucks) which I think is an oversight, and betrays its overseas origin. Other than that, there's not much to say - it's a simple story, made more curious by the pictures.

Master A's verdict: As per visual evidence, chewed Sophie for the entire trucky experience.


  • Title: Trucks
  • Author/Illustrator: Anne Rockwell
  • Source: Borrowed from the local library
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury

What's on tomorrow? The very hungry caterpillar.