Book 87 - Daddy Is My Hero #100daysofbooks (verdict: sweet)

Day 87. Daddy Is My Hero is back in less whacky territory as books go ... well, sort of. As Master A's Dad said, it certainly makes dads look good - heroic I guess - fending off all manner of monsters, dragons, aliens and pirates, but this is definitely in a fantasy make-believe way, and that makes it sweet, despite the sometimes laboured rhymes, at least to my adult ears. The child of the story wasn't clearly male or female, which (based on some previous rants from me) is a good thing, I think. Overall I think it's a nice, short and sweet book to prime role playing and dress-up games.

Master A's verdict: Made lots of interested noises. Probably because pirates/space/dragons/monsters.


  • Title: Daddy Is My Hero
  • Author/Illustrator: Dawn Richards / Jane Massey
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Random House

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