Book 88 - Best of Friends #100daysofbooks (verdict: simple ... a bit too simple)

Day 88. Best of Friends is a pretty simple story. I'd go as far as to say it isn't really a story, just a series of statements. Wombat and Bandicoot are friends. They do stuff together. Sometimes they fight, but they always make up. There, now you don't need to read it. To be fair, there's a bit more information in the pictures than the words (but just a bit) and it's probably intended for early readers with simple, big, clear text. But as a book to share - or even to read, I hedge - it seems a bit of a yawn. Master A's dad read this one and declared he wouldn't be going back for a second go. I concur.

Master A's verdict: Not really interested - no rhyme or rhythm to engage him.


  • Title: Best of Friends
  • Author/Illustrator: Kerry Argent
  • Source: Borrowed from local library
  • Publisher: Scholastic

What's on tomorrow? Another library pick.